Fellowship Friday : Open Church

This is my journey at present, struggling with the institutional church and its emphases on worship bands, programmes, and busyness with no relational connection going on.

If you’re satisfied with how you do church, then you may not want to read the following. If you’re used to going to church most Sundays, these articles could challenge life on Sundays …

http://www.megashiftministries.org/html/mainA.html – We Call It Total Transformation
scroll down to: ‘Eight Offers You Can’t Refuse’  and  ‘Six Gottas, Four Oughttas’

http://www.openchurch.com/user/The%20Concept.pdf – 15pg – Open Church – tired of being a pew-sitter? What happened in 313AD?
What can you do about it? bottom p 12 and on [idea ties in with homeschooling]

http://www.restorationfoundation.org/6_122.htm – Back to the Burning Bush

http://www.restorationfoundation.org/issues.htm – hebraic roots

http://www.intotruth.org/apostasy/cell-church6.htm – house churches

interesting stuff …

There’s plenty more – blogs like:



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