Weblinks Wednesday : new friends

Must tell you of my two new best friends this year:



Check with your library that they are participants with library elf and make sure you have a password attached to your family’s library cards. We have one password and four cards of the different family members.

No more fines – hallejulah!



All those blogs and interesting things that people write can be tracked and sent to the convenience of your own email box. I never cottoned on to the RSS feeds deal, despite my ever-patient computer geek-friends trying to clarify things for me.

I reckon any bunny can enjoy the ease of use of blogarithm. Sign up for free.


and one more link for good measure:


We’ve started these too – called “Experiences” Books. (My little scientist DS8 got a bit muddled  with the word “Experiments” a couple of years ago.)

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