Easter Week


Make an Easter Cross with flax.
http://www.kidssundayschool.com/Gradeschool/Crafts/1craft08.php – cut some flax and fold – great for the children to give to their friends with a verse or a blessing


Practice foot-washing with your guests. Imagine living in a hot country with throbbing ankles and dust – what a blessing to have cold water washing your feet and a glass of water to drink. Find your own way to bless those around you.


The old word lenten means “springtime”—a season of new life. Visit a farm or petting zoo and (north of the equator) look for newborns: piglets, bunnies, lambs or chicks.


Prepare to observe Maundy Thursday. The word Maundy comes from a root word meaning “mandate” or “command.” Look up John 13:34-35 to discover the “new commandment” Jesus gives.


The name Good Friday probably evolved from the phrase “God’s Friday.” Talk about why the day Christ died is ultimately very good—the best—because we all need a Saviour. “Friday’s here – but Sunday’s coming.”


Get a clearer idea of the miracle of the tomb rock rolling away by finding a large rock and trying to roll it yourselves. Note that only an act of God could put the guards to sleep and move such a big stone.


Practice the traditional Easter greeting: “Christ is risen!” and the reply: “He is risen indeed!”

Easter Booklet

Easter ‘pop’ booklet – jmcwnz

Fold the page (link above) into this “pop” booklet : www.speechtx.com/one_sheet_book.htm – cut the line.
Trim the 2 ends to make for an evenly cut booklet.

My chn (8+10) colour whilst my DH reads and asks questions.
(I can’t track down which site I’d collected these pics from and saved to my computer. Let me know the URL if you ever find them.)


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