Today included – vaguely in this order:

  • up and cuppa of green tea whilst clearing e-mails
  • answered letters
  • question asked by MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) publicity leader in regards to Press Releases – got me curious. Went for a search and gathered 2 pages of notes and links. Uploaded that file to the yahoogroup.
  • Had “Good Morning” hug with both of my children – they know their days go a whole lot better starting with one of these!
  • Breakfast – cough! Ham and egg done in (george foreman-type) griller – protein has to give you energy!?
  • Set my children into their homeschooling for the day. N7 is doing multiplication and roman numerals now – so pleased with himself. G9 set about to organise her BREAD lapbook – all by herself. I was going to help her, but left her to ask questions and do it herself. She’s proud of her efforts today.
  • U.G. [bro-in-law] came to fix the diaphragm in the toilet cistern so it won’t leak all the time. Sat and had a yakker with him over a cuppa.
  • Sat in the midday sun, but closed the door cos of the winter breeze. The chn and I sat reading recipe books – trying to gain inspiration for what we could possibly have for lunch and also tea! Had rice, bacon, etc on the griller. Also a salad-filled tortilla (complete with beetroot).
  • N7 painted. G9 continued on her lapbook. I continued sorting things out on the net – trying out some new gadgets.
  • Went for a walk to the Mall [.7km away] – met a several people we knew. But didn’t see DH who got home early and came looking for us! Shopped at the expensive supermarket for the things we can’t get at our cheap supermarket.
  • DH announced we could go out for tea tonight – such music to my ears [good thing I didn’t get the chicken out of the freezer after all].
  • Chn did a clean-up. I cleared the e-mail again. Wrote this. Read some blogs.
  • Darn! just found the gif that I could have used – must have gotten filed in an obscure place.
  • time for tea – yay! Queen’s Birthday weekend – no work on Monday for DH.


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