Support for Mothers of Preschoolers

I was an ‘older’ mother when I had my two – hadn’t changed a nappy (USA=diaper) until my girl was born! I got involved with MOPS – Mothers of Preschoolers.

New Zealand is an affiliate country of MOPS International, HQ in Colorado. There’s 2900 groups across USA and globally in 35 countries.

Children get cared for in one room and mothers got to finish a hot cuppa and real adult conversation in another room, maybe even FINISH a creative activity. What a sanity-saver! Help was available when I needed it. A fresh perspective on parenting and motherhood each fortnight (USA=2 weeks).

I got involved as co-ordinator and publicity for my local group and as publications and publicity for NZ national board. I’m now a graduate of MOPS, but still do MUM-e-Mail [about 5th and 20th each month].

the latest MeM  – “The Power behind Us”

If you are a mother of preschooler or part of the support system for a MOP, you’re most welcome to sign up if you wish.


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