See .. Think .. Do

Businesses decide on mission statements; churches may write up vision statements; and families – well, often they just cruise along and one year blends into another.

Some parents consciously teach their children traditions, values and acceptable behaviours; other parents just let the kids ‘catch on’.

What’s important in your household? What do you aim for – or are hoping to achieve before you … turn 40 … or retire … or die? What are worthwhile things you can do this year?

Some wonderful happenings occur spontaneously, but many events can be loosely planned, by setting aside time amidst life’s activity.

Teens can…

  • Visit an older person in their home and help them out with their gardening, or read to them – maybe at an old folks home.

Families can…

  • Have a picnic in the lounge or camp in the backyard overnight.
  • Have an overseas holiday at home – get books out of the library on the family-selected country, eg. Hawai’i. Everyone does something. Make leis, cook, sing in the cultural style. Maybe a concert show and dinner at night.
  • Have a dance night. Maybe let Dad get his old records out!
  • Theme dinners – choose a colour, letter of alphabet, historical period. Have a back to front night.
  • Dad and daughter date [monthly?] – a time to talk face-to-face about life, love, and faith. Maybe over a pizza sitting by the river … [her choice].

Friends, Mates, Couples can…

  • A date night – or a couple of hours – set aside to do and be together. Maybe go ten-pin bowling, to the movies, have a coffee in a garden café …

55+ can …

  • Tell family stories to your grandies. What did you appreciate about your family life? What were your grandparents like? Where did they work? What was it like when you were a child?
  • Be a phone friend to a ‘latch key’ child. There are many children home alone after school while both parents work. Ring them each afternoon – if you don’t live close.
  • Help a child in your street to read –  visit & read to each other. Colourful magazines, children’s favourites, Bible stories, hobby books. Complete with hugs and smiles and ‘You’re doing well”.

 (c) jmcw 2002

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